Bernicia Rising: Win a Spot on Our Main Stage

At Bernicia Festival, we’re all about shining a spotlight on homegrown talent, which is why this year we’ll be staging the first ever Bernicia Rising. The sister event to South Shield’s Bernicia Festival, Bernicia Rising is a showcase event for young local talent, which allows acts to bag a spot at the festival itself on August 4th.

Original artists and bands from the North East, aged between 15-19, are invited to upload a track to Bernicia Rising’s SoundCloud group by clicking this link.

All tracks will be poured over by a panel of local musicians and music buffs, and the carefully selected finalists will then be given the opportunity to perform at Bernicia Rising, held at South Shields’ Amphitheatre on June 8th alongside headliners and Bernicia act Athletes in Paris.

After the event, one act will be chosen to open Bernicia’s main stage. The winning act will also be given 10 tickets to Bernicia Festival.


  • One track to be uploaded per artist.
  • All acts must be available to play on both Saturday June 8th and Sunday August 4th.
  • All acts must have AT LEAST three original tracks. No covers are to be entered.
  • All acts must be from the North East, and members must be between 15-19 years old.
  • Window for entering opens May 1st, and closes May 27th.
  • Finalists will be notified by May 28th.
  • Each finalist will be given 2 tickets to Bernicia Festival.
  • Winning act will given 10 tickets to Bernicia Festival.

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